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Thank You!

The Confrontation Club app is incredibly grateful for the generous donations from these amazing individuals. Their support has been instrumental in bringing the app to life and making it a reality. Without their contributions, the development, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of the app would not have been possible. The Confrontation Club app team extends their heartfelt thanks to these individuals for their belief in the project and their commitment to its success. Their donations have made a significant impact and will continue to shape the future of the app.


  • Joe Guardman

  • Taylan Akkus

  • Łukasz Pić

  • Julian Kirov

  • Joshua Van Z

  • Temple of the West

  • Antoni Platowski

  • Paul Rogers

  • Mike Schaefer

  • Sergio Ulloa Garcia


  • Marko Döring

  • Zachary Peters

  • Alessandro Latini

  • A M Shardan

  • Matthew h Jameson

  • Konstantinos Lamprou

  • Tristan L Pittendorfer

  • Cabaal Abon

  • Gabriele Tassoni

  • Ruben Peiro

  • Joshua Sweet

  • Xris Wraith

  • Michael Grey

  • Chan Sterling

  • Jarrad Taulman

  • Jo Westedt

  • James Burkhouse

  • Олег Тихомиров

  • Gregoire Boisbelaud

  • Norbert Polack

  • StorminWolf

  • McHotDog.77

  • ...Your name could be here! :)

Special Mentions

  • To Yh-Vangghor! Thanks for your contribution in providing us the backbone of the profiles data, and writing the amazing faction guides.

  • To Paul Bonner, Paolo Parente & Edouard Guiton – having your permission to feature your incredible illustration work you did for Rackham has been a blessing, thank you.

  • To my friend, Maniac. This is for you. Isi

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