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Confrontation has evolved.

Prepare for the Battle

The Confrontation Club app will help you to easily create and personalise army lists, automatically checking the complex army composition rules for you.
You can save and share your army-lists with you friends.

The app associate to each model their in-game capabilities, such as spells and artefacts, so you don't have to! No more looking into hundreds of cards, rulebooks & FAQ.

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Help us make this project a reality

Hello Confrontation Players! We're a designer and a developer who are aiming to give you the best army building experience for Confrontation.

Our mission is simple: we want to help the Confrontation community to stay alive, and grow. That's why we are building an app that help anyone to play Confrontation, the game.
To keep the app accessible to everyone, we want to make it free of download costs – but to do that we will need your support!

Support Confrontation Club

Every donation to the project will be put towards covering development expenses such as licenses, servers & transcriptions.

What you'll get:

One-time Donation

Recurring Donation does not store or process your credit card information. Your payment will be made securely from your device directly to Stripe's servers.


What is Confrontation?

Confrontation is a skirmish level tactical fantasy miniature wargame created by Rackam in 1996.

Why are you building an app for it?

Rackam collapsed in 2010, so our beloved game has lost any "official" support. Because of this, the game rules, and the material required to play it, such as the reference cards, spells and artefact has become less and less available to consult.
We are giving back to the community a way to easily consume and understand all the materials, directly from their pockets. We hope more people can fall in love with the game, understanding all the beautifully characterised factions, with their unique strengths and play-style.

How can I get involved?

We have added to this website a way for you to 'Sponsor' the app development with a donation, in form of a subscription that will cost roughly a coffee per month ($2.99). All the money is going to go towards future and existing development costs of the app. If you can't contribute towards a monthly donation, that's ok too! You can still help us out by spreading the voice about this projects, following us on Facebook.
We would still love to get as many feedback as possible on the app, so please don't hesitate to contact us

Is the App going to be Free?

Yes, the app will not have a download fee.

Is the App going to work on Android & iOS?

Absolutely, we have build it from the groud-up to be completely cross-platform, making sure we support any device orientation and screen size.

Where can I download the App?

The app is available on the Play Store and App Store.

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